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Elysium Project

Elysium Stress Test #2 — Enhanced Performance

Elysium Project

Stress Test #1 Over! Reflections & What's Next

Elysium Project

Stress Test Registration

General News

Realm Names, Launch Order, Stress Testing, and the Future

General News

Internal Testing: The Cornerstone Is Placed

General News

Legacy continues!

Wanted: C++ / Lua Developers

Elysium is looking to fill three positions in the developer team.

Tue, Nov 01, 16

Realmlist Updated: set realmlist

Please ensure your realmlist is set to: set realmlist

Wed, Oct 19, 16

Emergency Maintenance

Due to a hardware failure, we are moving to our new server sooner than we anticipated.

Wed, Oct 19, 16

The Project's Future

Dire Maul is here! Battle treants twisted by satyr captives, and defeat the Ogre King and steal his Tribute!

Fri, Oct 14, 16

Dire Maul Release & PTR Schedule

Today marks our final installment of dungeons!

Fri, Oct 14, 16

Automated Weekly Honor Calcualtions & Honor System Changes

Dishonored ranks have been removed. Players currently possessing Dishonored ranks will automatically receive: rank 0 if they have made less than 15 honored kills, rank 1 if they have made 15 or more honored kills.

Thu, Oct 06, 16

Call to arms: Azuregos and Kazzak

Dear community, a great battle is coming this weekend! Azuregos, trusted servant of Malygos will be returning to his domain in the eternal Autumn of Azshara.

Thu, Oct 06, 16

Dire Maul & Azuregos available on PTR

After a troublesome weekend, the realm is stable with a current uptime of 20 hours. The complications experienced delayed the PTR launch to this day. The PTR is now ready to welcome players to test Dire Maul and Azuregos.

Tue, Sep 27, 16

We're back! See you in Azeroth!

After a bit of an extended maintenance, Elysium is back at full speed.

Sun, Sep 25, 16

Realmlist update and current status

set realmlist

Sun, Sep 25, 16

Hardware Upgrade

Sleep tight, Elysium is taking a break tomorrow morning to upgrade the hardware and will be available again in the early afternoon!

Sat, Sep 24, 16

Hardware Upgrade

Dear community, first content release! Tomorrow will see the first content release of Elysium with the opening of Maraudon.

Fri, Sep 23, 16

Elysium Hardware & Finance

During the past week, you may have experienced some lag issues which were due to our hardware’s workload being too heavy, for it to handle.

Thu, Sep 22, 16

Elysium Community Update #5 — Focus

Dear community, before launch, we decided that Molten Core and Onyxia should be open at release.

Mon, Sep 12, 16

Elysium Community Update #4 — Evolution

Dear community, In just a couple of weeks, we gathered a community that grew far beyond our expectations and caught us off-guard.

Wed, Sep 07, 16

Elysium: Public Community Discord

Want to stay in touch with the Elysium staff? Join our Discord for live support and discussion.

Mon, Sep 05, 16

Help the Server

Want to stay in touch with the Elysium staff? Join our Discord for live support and discussion.

Sun, Sep 04, 16

Elysium Community Update #3

Dear community, it is that time again where I let you in on what has been going on behind the scenes of Elysium.

Sun, Aug 28, 16

Official Server Maintenance Time

Greetings to the Elysium Community! Many of you have recently seen the announcement that server maintenance will be occurring at Saturday 21:00 GMT.

Sat, Aug 20, 16

First Day of Elysium

Dear friends! It was a long and hard day for all of us, in particular — for Axon and Vitaliy who have been making server-side corrections from the very start!

Thu, Aug 18, 16

A New Journey Begins...

Greetings from the Elysium staff! We are extremely proud to announce the official launch is right around the corner.

Tue, Aug 16, 16

The time for Elysium's launch is near!

We're proud to announce that the Elysium server will be officially launching on August 17th!

Sun, Aug 14, 16

Gates of Ahn'Quiraj are open!

Gates of Ahn'Quiraj are about to open wide, and we sincerely hope that you are okay with giant centipedes, worms and other girly phobias.

Mon, Aug 08, 16

Elysium — Coming Soon!

Dear players, in August we will be opening our newest realm and greatest achievement.

Tue, Jul 12, 16

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40)

Madness creeps from behind the Wall, overtaking the entire Southern Kalimdor.

Mon, Jul 11, 16

Multilingual Support: Client & Server Side

Multilingual support in a single World. Players can enjoy Classic World of Warcraft in English, as well as Russian, German, Chinese and French, with complete server-side support!

Sat, May 21, 16

They have defeated — no, rather, killed — Nostalrius

Although we are a competing server, this wasn't met with glee or joy at all. We're sad and even a bit angry at Blizzard, actually.

Thu, Apr 07, 16

HBD Valkyrie!

Seven years have passed since our cozy server first appeared on the internets, folks.

Wed, Feb 10, 16